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    ground plan of room in restaurant
    table with 9 seats
    table with 4 seats
    table with 4 seats
    table with 4 seats
    table with 4 seats
    table with 4 seats
    table with 4 seats
    restaurants terrace
    table with 4 armchairs
    table with 4 armchairs
administration view ground plan guest/client view ground plan

Interactive and easy

We make sure that our system is interactive and easy to use. To create and manage reservation system through Resitnow, you need just to be in mood to try something new, mouse and keyboard.

Ways of using reservation system


This system is designed for restaurants, bars, canteens and other gastronomic business.
It offers a variety of features, such as the creation of multiple rooms, use of their own graphics for tables and other objects or modify email templates of messages sent to your customers. Another advantage is the easy way to place the reservation system directly to your web page.

What will be next?

We prepare another reservation systems for use in other business sectors. We will gladly inform you about what is new on our site, and through e-mail newsletter.

restaurant ground plan - view reservations

Screenshots of reservation system Resitnow

Register and start using Resitnow

Sign up today and get so 30 days to try all functions and usage of our reservation system. In administration of this registration you can later order license for longer time.

If you want demonstration, please take the opportunity and register a 24-hour demo on http://demo.resitnow.com.
We created for you a fictive business place there. In demonstration, with preset ground plan and data, you may try what all can be done with Resitnow system. After 24 hours demo data will be deleted automatically.

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